2010 Caulfield Guineas First Declarations

September 7th, 2010

The first declarations for the 2010 Caulfield Guineas have been released, with 92 runners remaining.

Previous favourite Star Witness has taken leave of the race, catapulting Toorak Toff into a strong lead with odds of $6 at Ladbrokes.com.au.

Skilled has gone long to $26 from $12, while Masquerader and Ilovethiscity have moved on up. Ilovethiscity is now at $7.50 while Masquerader is at $12.

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2010 Caulfield Guineas First Declarations

1 Ace Acosta (Lee Freedman)
2 Al Aseel (Gai Waterhouse)
3 Altius (Tony Vasil)
4 Anacheeva (Peter G Moody)
5 Bullbars (Peter Snowden)
6 Censor (Lee Freedman)
7 Choose Greatness (Sonny Coombes)
8 Columbus (David Hayes)
9 Comanche Kid (Michael Moroney)
10 Condahussler (Greg Eurell)
11 Conservatorium (Gary Kennewell)
12 Cosmonaut (Bart Cummings)
13 Crawfish (NZ) (Mick Price)
14 Danemark (Lee Freedman)
15 Domesky (Michael Kent)
16 Don’t Wake Me (Wendy Kelly)
17 Ebony Rock (David Hayes)
18 Echoes of Heaven (Mick Price)
19 Eikept (Tony McEvoy)
20 Epic Dragon (John Sadler)
21 Flying Charlie (Lee Freedman)
22 Fort Chauvel (Anthony Cummings)
23 Freyberg (NZ) (John O’Shea)
24 Gilded Spur (Anthony Cummings)
25 Giresun (Peter Snowden)
26 Glacier King (Peter White)
27 Goldstone (Bart Cummings)
28 Guns Blazing (NZ) (Michael Moroney)
29 Harry the Fox (NZ) (Anthony Cummings)
30 Highly Spirited (NZ) (Robbie Laing)
31 Hinchinbrook (Gerald Ryan)
32 Hollowlea ( Terry & Karina O’Sullivan)
33 Hookedonafeeling (Wendy Kelly)
34 I Think I Do (Bart Cummings)
35 Ilovethiscity (Grahame Begg)
36 In Faith (David Hayes)
37 Innocent Gamble (Mark Riley)
38 Intencion (Tony Vasil)
39 Johnnydrama (John Sadler)
40 Kerchings (Anthony Cummings)
41 Kookaburras (Lee Freedman)
42 Kudakulari (NZ) (Bart Cummings)
43 Legalistic (David Hayes)
44 Levi’s Choice (John P Thompson)
45 Liveandletdie (Mark Kavanagh)
46 Mackadoo (NZ) ( Murray & Bjorn Baker)
47 Manahara (Gai Waterhouse)
48 Masquerader (David Payne)
49 Master of Reality (Gai Waterhouse)
50 Meezaah (David Hayes)
51 Mr Chard (Dean Lawson)
52 Muchos Respectos (NZ) (Danny O’Brien)
53 Multahem (David Hayes)
54 Our Saga (Michael Kent)
55 Pinker Pinker (Greg Eurell)
56 Pitt Street (David Hayes)
57 Praecido (NZ) (David Payne)
58 Precious Lorraine (David Hayes)
59 Primal Instinct (Michael Hibbs)
60 Procyon (Bart Cummings)
61 Protector (Tony McEvoy)
62 Quarterbar (Michael Moroney)
63 Rekindled Interest (Jim Conlan)
64 Renewed Vitality (John P Thompson)
65 Retrieve (Peter Snowden)
66 Roadtrain (Tony Vasil)
67 Run for Levi (John P Thompson)
68 Sea Lord (David Payne)
69 Seriously Good (Peter Morgan)
70 Servant (Peter G Moody)
71 Seventh Bullet (John McArdle)
72 Shaaheq (David Hayes)
73 Shamrocker (NZ) (Danny O’Brien)
74 Skilled (Peter Snowden)
75 Skorost (Bart Cummings)
76 Smokin’ Joey (Lee Freedman)
77 Stratocracy (Michael Moroney)
78 Sugar Ray (Anthony Cummings)
79 Sundown Clown (David Hayes)
80 Surin (Anthony Cummings)
81 Swift Judgement (Bart Cummings)
82 Territory (Lee Freedman)
83 The Blues (David Hayes)
84 The Ruffian (Lee Freedman)
85 Too Deadly (Mark Kavanagh)
86 Toorak Toff (Rick Hore-Lacy)
87 Top Drop (Gerald Ryan)
88 Typeface (Lee Freedman)
89 Valedictorian (David Hayes)
90 Virenque (Jason Petch)
91 Willow Creek (Peter G Moody)
92 Zakumi (Tim Martin)